There Won’t Be Blood

i decided to spend the forced vacation i’m on (which most call unemployment) working on the kind of piece i haven’t worked on in years. like, real news.

it came out of a recent experience i had while giving blood, when i noticed that if you’re a man who has had sex with another man even just once since 1977, you are not allowed to donate blood. which, given the fact that most of the nation deals with a daily blood shortage, and the leaps and bounds in blood testing technology and reliability, seems really retarded.

so i poked around to find out why this is, and the result was published in 10zenmonkeys today.

meanwhile, in a total coincidence of timing, san jose state university announced that it’s suspending blood drives to protest the fda’s current anti-gay policy.

of course, blood centers aren’t happy about this, considering the perpetual state of crisis in local blood supplies, and as much as i obviously am trying to focus attention on the flawed policy, i’d have to agree this is pretty counterproductive.

especially since it hasn’t received much media coverage, which i’m sure was the whole point of making such a statement.


yum! doom tastes like a candy cane!

when am i just going to move to europe and be done with it? is it really healthy to stick around my native land while it’s overrun by dullards, blockheads, and buffoons?

despite the evidence of an impending economic downturn next year, and the increasing “difficulty” in afghanistan, things aren’t so bad after all! i mean, it’s christmas, right?

maybe it’s the new ‘rambo’ trailer. i’m serious, this thing kicks ass in a ridiculous taranti-guez ‘grindhouse’ kinda way. i mean, how many trailers feature an open-handed bitch-slap decap?

triumph of the shill

man, this image really skeeves me out in a leni riefenstahl kinda way. it would be really scary if this clown wasn’t so awkwardly (for him) irrelevant.

and surely there’s no more grim pronouncement of bad times ahead for the economy than this carnival huckster assuring us that jesus told him everything would be okay.

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