the crisis and the campaign

jeez, i’m away a few months and the whole world goes to hell!

pundits have noticed how the campaign in general and the candidates in particular have been sort of dwarfed by the bailouts. suddenly, all eyes are on the lame duck (if somewhat indirectly … you could easily argue it’s more on paulson and bukkake), and the blustering of both candidates seems tangential and impotent in the urgency of the matter and momentousness of the, um, moment.


and while this is certainly true in their capacity as candidates, they’re both fuckin’ senators! both yield tremendous power in their respective parties, and could have already blazed a “maverick” trail by kick-starting their presidential policies by injecting them through the current congress.


if it worked, the candidate/senator who pulled it would annihilate come nov. 4. of course, i don’t see either attempting this david blaine-esque trick, cos the converse would be a fucking unmitigated disaster. AND both are bristling at this bailout; for all we know, their positions could end up being similar.

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fun while it lasted

i was wondering how far stephen colbert could take his political schtick, and today we found out where a political party would draw the line.

it’s interesting that one representative saw a point to it all, at least.

of course, maybe the republicans will be more forgiving.