whee, another bad GOP idea!


i know what they’re trying to do, but i think in this economic climate
the sight of bill clinton will be comforting to many americans who’ll
remember that the last great economic moment they knew was under his
watch, which only benefits dems.

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befuddled masses

i have to lean towards bill maher when it comes to this morning’s ap-yahoo poll showing that 18 percent of americans still don’t know who to vote for. at this stage, if you’re looking at friday’s debate to help you make up your mind, you’re a dum-dum.


yay, dumbocracy!

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and iran … iran’s so far awaaaay

heard ahmedinejad’s cheery blathering on npr this morning. you know, idi amin smiled a lot, too.


sometimes on bright, sunny days when i’m high, i dream of having the level of political discourse in this country to acknowledge why iran is (and should be) more frightened of us than we are (or should be) of them.


sure, our military is stretched, as bilbo baggins said, “thin, like butter spread over too much bread,” but that was never the threat. far more threatening than cluster bombs are 17-year-old boys and girls getting hold of pirated tarantino dvds.


and with their president simultaneously seeking to maintain a strangehold on the import of western culture into his country while at the same time disingenuously admitting to steve inskeep he enjoys some western media, you can count on iran’s young populace to come as close to outlaws as they can without risking state-sponsored mutilation. (i’m assuming they don’t put angry scorpions on your eyes if you’re caught with a dvd of “the dark knight.”)


meanwhile, has the u.s. EVER experienced the “threat” of imported culture compromising our very way of life? even the exaggerated ties between labor and communism in the 20th century pale in comparison to the opening of a single pizza hut in a muslim country.

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why i live and breathe

the argument for intelligent design.

the argument for intelligent design.

’nuff said.

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the crisis and the campaign

jeez, i’m away a few months and the whole world goes to hell!

pundits have noticed how the campaign in general and the candidates in particular have been sort of dwarfed by the bailouts. suddenly, all eyes are on the lame duck (if somewhat indirectly … you could easily argue it’s more on paulson and bukkake), and the blustering of both candidates seems tangential and impotent in the urgency of the matter and momentousness of the, um, moment.


and while this is certainly true in their capacity as candidates, they’re both fuckin’ senators! both yield tremendous power in their respective parties, and could have already blazed a “maverick” trail by kick-starting their presidential policies by injecting them through the current congress.


if it worked, the candidate/senator who pulled it would annihilate come nov. 4. of course, i don’t see either attempting this david blaine-esque trick, cos the converse would be a fucking unmitigated disaster. AND both are bristling at this bailout; for all we know, their positions could end up being similar.

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