the daily show with … dick cavett?

it’s obvious that jon stewart is in an awkward position bringing back ‘the daily show’ in the middle of a writers strike. his solution? to scrape a minimal amount of humor over the course of the show, kinda like when you get a giant stack of pancakes and only one tiny pat of butter.

lucky for stewart (or for viacom, ultimately), his audience is hardly blockheaded bracegirdles from hardbottle. so between the built-in antics of primary season and his willingness to engage guests in actual conversation like a goofy amalgamation of dick cavett and tom snyder, it should manage to hobble along.

of course, that model is dependent upon the ability to continue to get guests willing to cross the picket line.


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  1. I applaud show hosts like Stewart for putting on their shows even though the strike is still going on. Now I have something to watch other than lame reality shows and reruns of The Soup.

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