hillary pillory

i almost couldn’t believe hillary fucked up so bad on this bit from saturday’s new hampshire debates:


Obama challenged Clinton’s claim in a weekend debate that he was raising “false hopes” about what he could deliver for the country. Obama told his audience that hope made President Kennedy aim to put a man on the moon and Martin Luther King to imagine the end of segregation.

“If anything crystalized what this campaign is about, it was that right there,” Obama said of Clinton’s comment in the debate. “Some are thinking in terms of our constraints, and some are thinking about our limitless possibilities.”

what he said.

i mean, why not just come out on stage under a banner that reads “Lowered Expectations ’08”?

and while i don’t mind john edwards in general (haven’t been inspired to really support him, either), it was kind of annoying the way he was trying to ride obama’s coattails during the debate. “you know, obama and i … ” i haven’t seen such a blatant play for a vp slot since the infamous behind-the-scenes bush/quayle handjob circa ’88.

god, was that really 20 years ago? gemme my walker.


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