obama’s drug “problem”

so sweet of hillary’s adviser to give the obama campaign a fair warning of what to expect from those nasty republicans who are sure to pick on him for being so bold as to admit to inhaling as a kid. too bad he then had to fall on his sword like a good soldier.

by the by, i’m calling out “bullshit” for sure on this one. first of all, it’s typical attack politics. but worse, in the words of lily von schtupp it’s a “wed hewwing.” something tells me the once-high-and-mighty gop isn’t gonna touch the morality/personal values tactic with a 10-and-a-half-foot pole. pot-smoking 14-year-olds in this day and age just isn’t that shocking, and when your senators are busy playing footsie in a minnesota airport shitter in anticipation of an anonymous gay blowjob, casting stones simply isn’t an option.


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