dickhead enforcement agency’s latest tactic

once again, old school journalism proves its relevance in the form of sfgaters matier & ross, who have uncovered the federal government’s newest display of telling residents, patients and voters in san francisco and california at large to go fuck themselves.

i’ve harped on the need for sf to once again be on the vanguard of the medical marijuana issue and take over the process of dispensing cannabis to patients. i’ll admit that ultimately i trust newsom and the board of supervisors to do the right thing. at some point.

but when will that be? how many convenient neighborhood dispensaries will be strongarmed out of business by d.e.a. stooges before we defend the rights we’ve already fought so hard for?

why is a municipality that practically prides itself on pissing off bill o’ reilly with its proactivist agenda waiting around to be reactionary? while i’m at it, where the fuck is our former-moonbeam-now-badass attorney general?

why am i asking you?


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