life imitates art (real-life ‘weeds’)

i was mildly appalled (is that possible?) that our former governor moonbeam, a guy who was no stranger to pot when he was bangin’ the likes of linda ronstadt when it <i>meant</i> something, is bragging about record pot busts in california.

what’s interesting is the natural resilience of the grower – kinda like a weed, yeah? and speaking of kinda like ‘weeds,’ authorities are seeing that growers are acting a lot like mary-louise parker’s character on the acclaimed show.

no, they’re not running around in their underwear and looking hot.

instead, they’ve taken up in the suburbs, trimmed the crabgrass that screamed “something not ordinary is going on here!” and otherwise taken steps to make these dwelling blend in with their respective neighborhoods.

bad news for cops. again, i’m not convinced all of these growers (especially in shady-ass elk grove, for fuck’s sake) are doing the lord’s work, but when authorities are jumping up and down bragging about spending valuable state resources on a bunch of plants, it’s good to know there’s someone out there confounding these buggers.


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