oily wildlife makes the baby jesus cry

and me too.

was watching ktvu’s 10 o’ clock news the other night and there was a piece about the effort that goes into cleaning the oil off of just one poor sea bird.

while driving to work yesterday i happened to notice the bay (i work by candlestick park) looks the same way a small pool does when someone coated with suntan lotion has just jumped in. blech.

people are still not quite sure where to direct efforts to help try to fix this sf bay area oil spill mess. if you’re too much of a pussy to get your hands dirty, like me, you can throw money at the oiled wildlife care network, who are busy doing the work described above.

if you’re a real man or woman who’s not afraid of a little smudge, i just scoped out a blog that is centered around coordinating cleanup on the local beaches. it’s called kill the spill.

if you’re just a completely self-absorbed heathen bastard who will only help on a completely incidental/accidental basis, you can inadvertently pitch in, too, if you live in sf! just stop by doc’s clock this friday and fill yer belly fulla beer, and you’ll be contributing to the cleanup cause by merely drinking yourself into a stupor. it’s called friday night for me.


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