fuck president – schwarzenegger for führer

i’ve been over making fun of the whole “governator” thing for a while. at this point, knee-jerk reactions to arnold’s initial foibles are just uninformed.

and today’s news is a good example of why. sure, his spinsters are gonna clean it up stateside, but whatever.

not to mention the way he looked during last week’s fire disaster. in one press conference, he loomed over scrawny girly-man michael chertoff with massive arms folded and a potent scowl, as if saying with his body language, “do this right or i will hurt you.”

and i could swear by the look on chertoff’s face that he’d be thankful to get outta there with his ass intact, let alone his lunch money.

having just seen ‘300’ again, it got me thinking about ancient times when those with power actually HAD physical power. when i saw that press conference, i had no shortage of confidence in the state’s leader to get shit done lest someone end up getting their head popped like a pimple between the governor’s mighty thumb and index finger.

maybe louisiana should have had apollo creed when katrina hit.


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